Benefits of Gantry Cranes and its Types

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Men understood the need for lifting heavy weights a long time ago, which led to the creation of cranes. Among all this crane’s Gentry cranes hold a very special place due to their versatile nature.  With the presence of the A-shaped legs with wheels, they are easily movable from one place to another. Even though they have a fixed height it is adjustable in some situations and they can some tons of weights pretty easily. Based on the height the gantry cranes can be separated into two types,

Adjustable Height

In these types of cranes, the height can be adjusted. The grooves present in the support beams can adjust the grooves to reach a certain height. So this cranes can be used in any place where height adjustment is required.

Fixed Height

In this type of cranes, the height cannot be adjusted due to the fact that the beam is fixed at a certain height. So this type of crane is usually used in factory settings only. The Crane Hire is the best place for hiring the Gantry cranes.

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