Categories of Cranes:

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Crane is a mutual mechanical tool that is used to move heavy objects from one place to another. The main function of the crane is to make the transportation of heavy objects easy. There are several types of cranes available in the industry, where each crane has its own use.

Farana Cranes:  The Farana Crane  consists of three part slotted boom with hydraulically operated and synchronized extensions.

Telescopic cranes: They consist of different fitted tubes.
Overhead cranes: Generally they are used on the assembly area side.
Truck mounted cranes: The cranes are mounted on the truck.
Stacker cranes: They are used in warehouses.

Crawler cranes: They are very independent in terms of mobility.

Tower cranes: They are fixed to the ground.
Rough terrain cranes: Usually they are mounted on an undercarriage.
Loader cranes: These Cranes are fitted to the trailer.


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