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Crane operation is not as simple as we look there are high possibilities for an accident to occur. In past, there have been many accidents in the past due to some careless work by the manpower or also due to machine failure. But these days analyzing from those incidents builders and also crane machine industries gave found a solution to overcome such accidents. But still, the crane process has to be done with complete concentration. Some of such incidents that caused a loss in the past are listed below.

On July 31 an accident took place at Madhya Pradesh due to the cable failure on a tower crane. The cable lost its stability due to the weight of the slab it was lifting and the slab completely broke down and sadly one worker died and two of them got injured this occurred while constructing a residential building. Then after measures were taken to develop quality cables that can withstand the huge weight and also the limit of weight a cable can handle was also specified.


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