Crane operators

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Operating a crane is not a simple task as it looks because of the weight of the object they are going to handle so it is a risky job.  Usually, the crane operators are provided by the crane service agency itself. Even an experience crane operator is a fresher whenever he starts to operate the crane. Because on accident can cause more danger to him as well as to the surrounding. So here are some points that a crane operator must know and keep in his mind while operating a crane.

How much is the maximum capacity of the crane he is going to operate and the weight of the object he is going to lift or shift, he must be very sure that the crane is comfortable with the weight of the object.
Before he is about to lift the object he has to make sure that the latch given for hook is locked and the connection of hook and the object is perfect. These are the main two objectives that a crane operator has to keep in his mind.

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