Different Types of Cranes used in the construction site

The Cranes are essential in lifting and loading the heavy materials.  There are plenty of cranes available in the industry. They vary based on the different sizes, weights, and lifting capacities.  Radha Cranes is the leading producer of Crane Service in Chennai. We provide some common type of cranes that are used in the construction site.

Mobile Cranes:                                                    

The mobile cranes or the truck-mounted cranes are most popular for handling heavy loads. These cranes have the capacity to lift 3 to 50 tons and stand at the height of 450 feet when the boom is extended completely.

Tower crane:

Any huge construction project will definitely rely on the tower cranes. These cranes are involved in lifting large tools, concrete, steel or other heavy materials. They are used for lifting the loads closer to 4 tons and have the maximum radius of about 1 ton.

Marine Crane:

The marine crane is specially designed for ocean vessel. The cranes are firmly attached to the boat and used for raising heavy loads by placing them at another destination in the water. These cranes are land-based and mainly used for lifting the boat out of the water.
Gantry Cranes:

These Cranes are similar in design to the bridge cranes. They are the most favored piece of equipment for moving heavy materials. These models are designed to lift materials from 10 tons up to 100 tons.



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