Different types of overhead crane

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The type of crane which is used to lift and move heavy materials from one place to another is called us overhead crane. Overhead crane is designed carefully for the different specific purpose of the business. There are many Crane service company who provide the overhead crane for loading or unloading the materials from the truck, moving the material around the facility, flipping or pulling in and out of stamping a machine, feeding the raw material into the machine and moving the container around the shipyard.

Overhead crane is found in different types. They are bridge cranes, gantry cranes, monorail cranes, jib cranes, and workstation cranes. There are many Crane rental company who provides all these types of cranes.

Bridge Crane –  It is a type of crane which has two overhead runways build into the buildings support structure. The single or double head configuration moves the crane up and down the runways, the trolley and hoist of the bridge crane run side to side along the bridge.

Gantry Crane – This Crane is similar to the bridge crane but this crane uses legs to support the bridge, trolley and hoist instead of moving on runways. Gantry crane legs travel on fixed rails embedded or lay on the top of the floor. This crane mainly used in outdoor applications such as shipyards, railyards, construction of a bridge or steel mills.

Monorail Cranes – This crane is mostly used as a trolley to carry hoist along a single path. This crane run materials back and forth in a straight line or designed a curved track with switches, branches, and changes in elevation.

Jib Cranes – This crane is available in different styles and types. These cranes are space-saving, economical, and are ideal for jobs like maneuvering or moving items for assembly within a small area. They can typically offer 180-360° of rotation, and even small ones can hoist several tons of material.

Workstation Cranes – This crane is used in moving or lifting loads within a small work area.

There are many Crane service  in Chennai who provides all these types of crane in rental purpose

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