Features of Hoists:

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The Hoists are used for lifting only the heavy goods and equipment’s. They can be used in lifting the loads vertically. There are various types of hoists available in the market.

Some of them are as follows:

Portable batter operated powered hoist: These hoists are easily detachable and light weighted that can be used for work in different platforms. They are generally used to provide assistance to the customers.


Permanently attached ceiling track hoist: Unlike the Portable hoist, these are non-detachable and can be operated constantly without the help of the battery. They work with the help of electricity. They are utilized in the places where lifting needs to be done extremely.

Other than the above, the hoists can be categorized on the basis of their tracks, lifting capabilities and suspension also. The Cranes and hoists are needed to be chosen with care. You need to opt for the Cranes in accordance with your needs. For this the Crane Rental will be the best option. Radha Cranes, the Prominent Crane Service in Chennai provides the best Crane Rental Services for all types of Cranes at affordable costs.



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