How Gantry cranes are used in industries?

The gantry Cranes are very useful in the industries mainly due to its high capacity. It can lift weight up to 900 tons and at the height of 100 meters. Small gantry cranes runs on the rubber tyre instead of rail tracks. It is quite natural to find them in the manufacturing units mainly in the steel plants. These are mainly used for workshops where heavy weightlifting is required. They are generally used for transporting machine parts so that the cranes can be used in steel plants, cutting industries or metal polishing. The Gantry Cranes are made especially to move on a rail and supported by hoist trolleys. They are mainly used to move heavy materials from one place to another.   Radha Cranes provides the best Crane Services in Chennai. We provide only the good quality cranes services to the customers. Our Cranes are used in overhead lifting, large premises, Dams and other government undertakings. The use of our Cranes is expanding at present as many fields and industries are making use of our machinery.