How to be familiar with Cranes:

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For an average man, Cranes are just the pieces of equipment that are used for handling and lifting things. But for a professional, who is engaged to this field has got a much bigger definition. These instruments are not only used for finishing the task with ease, but also for saving lot of time and money.

Let us discuss the different types of cranes used for the construction site:

Types of Cranes:


The tower cranes are stationery and can be bolted to the ground. These cranes have the name for its lifting capacity. It is mainly used for making sky scrapers and towers.


The Jib Cranes belongs to the category of Overhead cranes. These types of cranes are very effective and compact for carrying lighter loads. With the one end being attached to the wall, this crane can swivel the way the user wants.


This crane belongs to the category of overhead crane. The crane runs through the ceiling that is being attached to two metal beams on the side.


This crane will be mounted on the horizontal beams. When they are stationery, they will be at 90 degrees facing the floor.  They can move up and down whenever required.

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