Interesting Facts about cranes

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Crane is machine equipped with pulleys ropes chains and is used for lifting heavier objects and to move objects from place to place. There are some types of cranes like Mobile cranes, Farina cranes etc.

Some interesting facts about crane are:

A fact no 1- If you google search crane it shows results of a bird with a long neck. The name crane was inspired from the bird since the structure is quite similar.

A fact no 2-Before steam engines were found humans and animals like horses were used to generate power for cranes to work. But nowadays after the invention of engines people can sit and just operate the crane easily.

The fact no 3-Cranes were designed and found by the ancient Greeks for the purpose of constructing buildings and monuments. First, they made wheels for heavier objects to be moved which later was developed into a crane.

The fact no 4-The unknown and an interesting fact is some USA’s legislature members and some politician’s from England and Australia and some world politicians were once crane operators. Famous Polish activist Anna Walentynowicz had the job once as well.

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