Multiple crane lifting

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Usually, a crane is used for lifting or moving a heavier object from place to place. When the object is too large are too heavy that it is beyond the capacity of a crane then multiple crane lifting concept is used. Where two cranes are used to lift the object. The hook of one crane is placed at one end and the other end is hooked by another crane. This makes lifting the object easier.

The main advantage of multiple crane lifting is the heavier amount of objects can be lifted but there are many disadvantages as well as there will be two operators who have to operate the crane with the same cooperation. A small deflection or misunderstanding between the two operators can cause a big damage as both the hook at different ends can pull the load on either side which will surely cause a damage on the hook and the load may get dropped. Usually, multiple lifting is done for lifting purpose but it is tough to move a load from place to place.

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