Precautions for operating cranes in bad weather condition

Cranes are best in lifting the heavy materials. Cranes are the all-time favorite for transporting the heavy materials either in a land or water. Not only the cranes lift the heavy objects it can cause also the problem if anything goes wrong. The operators are trained to operate such problems which are happening at the bad weather. Here are some precautions for handling the crane in bad weather condition.


There is a major chance of getting the cranes struck when the lightning comes. Since the overhead cranes reach the great heights for that there are many possibilities to affect. You can use the thunder detector to know the exact location of the thunder. If you hear thunder sound you fix that you are in danger. Stop the work when lightning comes.


Apart from lightning, rain can also affect crane. The water will enter into the various parts of the cranes. It will affect the normal functioning of the parts of the crane. Since the crane is costly to buy, it is advised to stop working until the rain stops.


Wind is a great factor to affect the crane because wind can swing the crane’s functionality. It is advised not to operate the crane in wind time. But for the unavoidable situation it is suggested to operate only 20 Miles per hour in a windy climate. The wind can easily affect the cranes forward and backward stability.

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