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‘Prevention  is better than cure ‘,the famous proverb mainly suits  for mechanical industry. Each and every work in the industry has to be followed as per the industry norms. So prevention avoids accidents in the industry.  For example to transfer heavy lifting components within industry use necessary Equipment such as cranes to lift the components. You can also contact crane service company for one day work. For immediate service contact Farana  crane .

Industry has to undergo frequent audit session conducted by government, where  all the departments in the company are audited. So, Industry must procure necessary components for its operations. Government audit doesn’t get approved if the industry doesn’t fulfills the criteria. If the company needs crane for its operation frequently there are  more number of companies which provide crane service in Chennai.

Radha crane service is a largest crane service provider in Chennai. Company provides various services such as Rigging and equipment, transportation, factory to foundation, Preferred supplier Agreements, crane outsourcing. Many of the manufacturing industry do not own cranes since it needs frequent maintenance. So they go for rental service till their work gets completed. We also provide rental service for a reasonable cost. Take precaution through our service..!

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