The 6 overhead crane classes. What do you need to know?

Almost in every construction industry utilizes crane services. There is a different variety of overhead lifting equipment used in industry. So, how you can choose the right equipment for your appropriate location? The choosing of the crane should be important for employee’s safety as well as the maintenance requirements. Here are some classifications to make it easier to choose.

Crane classifications:

The classifications are

  • Infrequent or Standby
  • Light Service
  • Moderate Service
  • Heavy Service
  • Severe Service
  • Continuous Severe Service

Crane selection criteria

Review the following important points to select the right overhead cranes for your service.

  • Speed – this is how fast the crane lifts and move the objects from one place to other
  • Service – the frequency of the cranes use
  • Maintenance requirements – how the crane needs to be serviced
  • Distance – this is how far the crane needs to lift the objects


The strength of our products

  • We provide our provide to meet the complete customer requirements
  • We always provide our service with safety, reliability, and quality in mind
  • We always ensure safety measures before starting the work
  • We can also provide our service at a critical situation where we can’t assure some safety measures

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