The concept of modern age cranes

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Cranes are one of the best inventions in the history of Human civilization. The advanced construction we see today is not possible without the invention of cranes. Cranes are first introduced by the Greeks to the world, the primitive cranes used bulls as a pulling force to pull the heavyweights. But today with the hydraulic system cranes can pull tons of weight without any physical involvement of living things. Speaking of cranes there are mainly two types of cranes,

Truck mounted cranes

These cranes can also be called as mobile cranes since they can be moved anywhere with the help of vehicle they are mounted on. These types of cranes are mounted on a truck to be moved from one location to another with ease.

Onshore Encore cranes

The big cranes you see in the ports unloading cargo is called as the marine cranes. These types of cranes are designed to lift really heavy weights such as huge shipments. These cranes can be classified into two types’ gantry crane and tower crane. The Crane Services in Chennai is the best plane to hire these cranes in Chennai.

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