The Important Parts of a Crane Truck

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A crane truck in common term is a truck with crane equipment’s attached to its rear platform. With the help of hydraulics placed in the truck the crane lifts and lowers heavyweights. As many think it is not easy to operate a crane truck, it requires good skills to avoid accidents and injuries from happening. The crane truck has become necessary equipment in many big factories. It would be hard to imagine building a high rise building without the help of this equipment. Crane Services In Chennai has all the equipment’s needed for lifting purposes.



The first part which normally catches the eye in the crane truck is the boom. It operates as the crane’s arm which lifts and lowers weights. Usually, the function of a crane determines the type of the truck crane.


Jibs are the extensions of the boom which that telescopes or expands to a length that allows for lifting ability of the crane.

Rotex gear

Located under the cab, Rotex gear allows the boom to rotate or turn according to the function of the hydraulics.


Outriggers are a very necessary part of a crane truck. These are parts which provide stability to a crane when operating. Outriggers stabilize the crane by providing balance to prevent the crane from leaning and overturning.

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