The type of hooks needed for the crane services

When you are hiring the crane, the hooks are so important to lift the objects. Generally, hooks are made up of different metals and it will come in different sizes. There are different types of hooks available.

The different types of hooks

Overhead lifting hooks

This type of hooks is used to lift the objects in overhead. This hooks are made up of different metals and vary on the materials which you choose to lift. The types of hooks in this category is plated hooks, clevlok hooks, eye hooks, sorting hooks, and s-hooks.

While choosing this type of hooks, make your attention on its design, the materials used for making them.

Non-overhead lifting hooks

This type of hook is used for pulling the materials. The best Non-overhead lifting hooks used are clevlok hooks and eye hooks. When you choosing this pay your attention to the materials and load limit which you have to lift.

Safety tips

  • You should be careful in using the crane and you should be more careful when using the crane. Some of the safety tips for using it are:
  • Check the hooks before you going to start the work. If the hook is damaged more than the 10% than the original dimension then you shouldn’t use them.
  • When lifting the objects avoid the bent hooks. When renting the crane, check the match size of the crane and working limit of the chain.

For more information and safety measures of the crane contact crane services in Chennai.

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