Type of Crane service

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Generally, there are many types of cranes that are used for different purposes. But the basic and important part of the crane is the crane hook. Crane hook is the one which latches on to the object that is to be carried or moved. So it is important that the crane hook is standard and good. As cranes, there are also many types of crane hooks.

The first type of hook is the China crane hook which is used for tower cranes. These types of hooks are made up of iron and mainly originates from China. The next type of hook is the double type user-friendly crane hook which is mainly used for cranes in Japan. Its price ranges start at 312 dollars. Forged alloy steel G80 germanic types of hooks which is used for tower cranes. For coil handling purposes special c type hooks are used. These types of hooks are mainly used for industrial purposes.

Usually for constructions cranes are got from the crane rental and they provide cranes with suitable hooks. Crane service organizations test these cranes and crane hooks regularly to avoid accidents.

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