Types of a crane that are used for construction:

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Generally, crane provides a great advantage for construction as they are used for lifting and moving heavier objects. There are many types of cranes available for crane hire which can be used for constructions. If you are quite confused about the types of cranes available for different purposes then this may give a bit of clarity.

Cranes basically are divided into two types as Mobile crane and static crane on the basis of their movement. Mobile crane usually is easily moved from one place to place and are mostly got from crane service to use for a short period. Static crane, which is not easily movable and is moved to the location of the construction and used. And other subtypes of categories are loader crane, tower crane, level luffing crane, gantry crane, farana crane, jib crane etc. These cranes come under the category of the static crane.  Cranes which come under mobile crane are crawler crane, floating crane, rough terrain crane, truck-mounted crane. All these cranes are used for construction services which make the job easier and make the construction works to be completed within a shorter period of time.

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