Usage of Crane for Filmmaking:

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Many don’t know the effort and time taken in making a Film. We often watch films and simply support it if we like or degrade it when we are not impressed but behind a film, there are efforts of many people. There are many instances where Crane service was used in filmmaking. Generally, it is known as Jib shot which means a shot which is taken from a higher angle. The moving crane end is connected with the camera that is used for the shooting a film. The Cinematographer generally known as a cameraman has assistants who operate the crane for changing the angle of the shot they need. These types of crane operation are quite riskier as they are connected costlier cameras are connected to a crane.

The early stages when these high shots were introduced these high shots were completely shot using cranes. Filmmakers used to get cranes from Crane rental. Then a device, especially for these high shots, was found it was known as Jimmy Jib which is similar to a camera connected to cranes. But these Jibs was found only for shooting purpose and it held the cameras more safely. when Jimmy jibs were found each production house started to own a one. There is a risk of connecting a highly costlier camera to an end of a crane and operating it. So the usage of Jimmy jibs reduces this kind of risks.

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