What Is a Jib Crane?

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There are many types of cranes available; one of those is Jib cranes. A jib crane is a kind of crane which uses a mounted arm for moving, lifting and lowering weights. The arm is mounted at an angle upwards or perpendicular to a pillar or wall that can rotate along a certain angle or at central axis for a circle. These cranes are used in the industrial sector, such as warehouse or docks or in loading and unloading shipping containers.

History of Jib cranes starts from Greece but Romans are ones who perfected the design of these cranes. With the help of these cranes, Romans built amazing monuments, churches, and other engineering projects. The design of the cranes remained the same until the industrial revolution. A Jib crane is not restricted to fixed location; it can be mounted on a movable platform for the use of temporary sites. The huge advantage of these cranes is that it does not need any solid structure or wall to support it.

There are many types of Jib cranes some of them are free standing, wall mounted, wall bracket and mass style. Some of these cranes need wall support and some don’t.  Many Crane Services provide Crane Rental for Jib cranes which can be hired for construction purposes.

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