Why Farana Cranes are best suited for construction site?

A Crane can do several tasks in the construction sites. Many people are opting for these types of machines to perform some operations in the construction sites. The Farana Cranes are best suited for all construction sites. However before you start using it at your construction site it is important to consider some features of the Crane.

Radha Cranes is the best Crane Service Providers in Chennai. Our Farana Cranes are hydraulically operated steering wheel. They consist of 45 articulations on either side and the turning radius on outer rear wheels. Our Farana Cranes have pneumatically operated dual circuit brakes on front as well as the rear wheels.

Features of Farana Cranes:

Let us consider some features on Farana Cranes:

  • It consists of front mounted efficiently designed cabins.
  • It is based on the improved kinematics with low center of gravity.
  • Slotted Boom.
  • Safe air brakes.
  • Best creep speed.
  • Four wheel drives.
  • Self adjusting hook blocks.

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