Working principle of hydraulic crane

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Mobile cranes are specifically designed for transporting different types of loads and cargo with no assembly or setup. A hydraulic mobile crane use hydraulics to lift hundreds and thousands of pounds. The hydraulics relies on forces that are being transmitted through the oil that pushes the pistons of the boom in opposite directions.

Working of a hydraulic mobile crane

Hydraulic cranes work on the concept of transmitting forces from one point to another through a fluid and only due to this they are able to lift the heavy loads. In the essence, a hydraulic crane works on optimizing the strength that is produced by the liquid under pressure. Generally the liquid is water or light oil that works with the system of pistons. These pistons are attached to the system of levers and thereby used to lift heavy loads.


Easy to operate: These cranes are the simplest systems that are used within the industries and are easy to maintain.

Lightweight: Majority of hydraulic cranes are of lightweight but  are still capable of lifting heavy loads like the tower crane.

Flexible: The hydraulic cranes can be easily moved from one place to another, they are very flexible to use.

Compact: Unlike the tower cranes, the hydraulic crane does not need larger space to operate.

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